Creative Learning and Development Solutions for Leaders, Teams and Organizations


We help you cultivate a working environment that encourages valuing diversity, collaboration, flexibility, and fairness and results in high performing teams. Included are programs and learning activities that help organizations.


We help you develop organization capability through alignment of strategy, structure, management processes, people, and rewards and we offer metrics to help your organization improve its effectiveness and organizational wellbeing.


We help you select, design and implement self-paced learning that can be completed at the desk top or mobile devices.

About MarkusWorks

MarkusWorks is a consulting and training firm, with extensive experience in organization development and diversity and inclusion.

Strategic Advice

Let us provide real-time, one-on-one, group or team conversations and coaching to help your leaders and managers respond strategically and sensitively to the complex employee and community stakeholder identity crisis challenges you face.

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The 10 Lenses

The 10 Lenses is a research-based framework that illuminates how people view race, ethnicity and cultural identity differences through 10 distinct “lenses” and belief systems.

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The WIN 360

The WIN 360 Team Building Experience is a dynamic, blended interactive team-building session that helps team members improve inclusion and engagement to learn more about each other so they can work better together.

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The Identity Post

The Identity Post is a new continuous learning platform that helps individuals increase their identity intelligence. The Identity Post content and tools help learners better connect with stakeholders in a world hypersensitive about identity.

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Health and Wellness

Healthy employees are the foundation of improved productivity and a vibrant workplace culture. Talk to our wellness team about how MarkusWorks can help your organization optimize employee health.