Diversity,Inclusion and Identity

Markus Works provides Diversity, Inclusion and Identity-Based Solutions for executives, managers, employees, HR and other key stakeholders in your organization. Our approach was developed collaboratively by Organization Development and Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners. They are based on sound organization and cultural change principles, and the most recent findings and guidelines regarding identity, engagement, diversity and inclusion. Our online and classroom-based modules and materials approach identity and inclusion from both an organizational and an individual perspective. Our Diversity, Inclusion and Identity-Based Services help your organization:

  • Examine its external and internal environment to learn about identity-related trends and issues that may affect its success in accomplishing its mission.
  • Develop business strategies to respond to the diversity and identity-related trends and issues identified in the environmental scanning process.
  • Assess how key HR systems and the organization culture support or detract from developing an inclusive work environment, and identify priorities for improvement.
  • Establish training and performance support tools that help employees and team members understand their own personal identity dimensions, sensitivities and biases; and how their identity-related perceptions are influenced by the larger society in which they live and work.
  • Increase stakeholders’ understanding of what it is like to be a member of social identity groups that are different – e.g., how members of other groups experience their differences in the workplace and in society; what the positive and negative impacts of experiencing these differences are like for them.
  • Develop the people skills that help members bridge their identity differences and work in more effective ways with one other.