Health & Wellness Programs

At MarkusWorks, we believe that the journey toward health and wellbeing is traveled across all aspects of one’s life – at home and work, with colleagues, friends and family, and in mind, body and spirit. Because we understand the connection between happy, healthy employees and improved productivity and a vibrant culture in the workplace, we create customized health and wellness programs designed to not only improve employee health but to support the business strategies of the employer client. With the undeniable success of today’s wellness programs, companies have been able to boast an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. We’ve seen not only direct financial gains but also reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress.

We, in coordination with the other divisions at MarkusWorks, provide wellness coaching, health education and programming, and consulting services to our clients in areas such as tobacco cessation, stress management, nutrition, sleep hygiene, physical health, exercise, and more. In all our programs and services, we emphasize the critical role of healthy lifestyle choices by finding connections between what it takes to make meaningful change and the risk factors involved with that change. We understand the gap between knowing and doing and help bridge that gap for optimal personal well being and a healthier workplace.

Our comprehensive suite of programs and services addresses all dimensions of individuals within an organization. We tailor these services to make them relevant to your employees. At MarkusWorks, this means building programs for the employees with the company’s buy-in and engagement. They’re designed to help employees learn about and make healthy lifestyle choices in support of their own, and the company’s, goals. Our programs work because they:

  • Are led by cutting-edge, inspiring educators, practitioners and coaches
  • Build a relationship based on trust and non-judgment with employee and employer
  • Assess, determine and develop the company’s commitment to wellness
  • Create a vision of optimal health for the individual consistent with the company’s values
  • Identify and facilitate targeted lifestyle and behavioral changes
  • Develop a program plan and timeline, broken into manageable steps and milestones
  • Deliver engaging, informative and customized programs – that are also fun!
  • Increase and support participant involvement and accountability
  • Measure and evaluate the program’s success – and create a new vision

MarkusWorks offers an experienced partner that can make a big difference in building an integrated workplace wellness strategy.