The 10 Lenses Workshops

There are four 10 Lenses Workshops available for participants. Follow-up material is available for participants for one year after participation in any of the 10 Lenses Workshops. The 10 Lenses Workshops’ overall goals help participants learn:

  • How people develop their lenses
  • Which lenses they have preferences for
  • How to recognize which lenses are operating with their colleagues, customers, clients and the community
  • How to better communicate and work more productively with coworkers and customers, clients and external stakeholders who are using different lenses

Overview of the 10 Lenses Employee Workshop

The 10 Lenses Employee Workshop provides a framework to understand what is at the heart of your cultural belief system. As employees appreciate their lenses and the lenses of others they increase the possibility of building bridges and managing conflict in everyday cross-cultural situations. By attending a 10 Lenses Employee Workshop employees will learn:

  • Their preferences for the 10 Lenses
  • How to recognize the lenses used by others at work and in the community
  • How to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of each lens
  • How the 10 Lenses influence team interactions, problem-solving and interpersonal relationships

Overview of the 10 Lenses Manager Workshops

This workshop helps managers understand how their lens preferences along with the organization’s preference affect how managers select, motivate, mentor, assign and reward their employees. During the Manager Workshop managers will learn:

  • How to recognize which lenses are operating within their teams
  • How to better manage team members who hold different lenses
  • How to encourage team members to avoid the weaknesses and demonstrate the strengths of their lenses
  • How the 10 Lenses influences their teams’ interaction with internal and external stakeholders

Overview of the 10 Lenses HR and Diversity Staff Workshop

The 10 Lenses affect the degree to which different members of your organization feel included, valued, supported and motivated to give their best performance day after day. By understanding which lenses are unconsciously embedded within your critical human resource systems, practices and policies, HR and Diversity staff will be better equipped to develop a culture that promotes inclusiveness. The 10 Lenses HR and Diversity Staff Workshop helps participants:

  • Develop and maintain human resources systems that address the needs of different employee populations
  • Assess how the 10 Lenses influence your organization’s recruitment, onboarding, performance management, mentoring and development and succession planning
  • Assess which lenses are operating out of the strengths or weaknesses, and the effect they have on the organizational culture and climate

Overview of the 10 Lenses Strategy Workshop for Senior Leaders

The 10 Lenses also influences how senior leaders interpret the actions of others and make decisions about your organization’s employees, customers, and the public. The 10 Lenses Strategy Workshop for Senior Leaders teaches participants to use the 10 Lenses as a qualitative diagnostic tool to assess your organization’s interactions with the stakeholders in your business environment. The 10 Lenses Senior Leaders Workshop helps participants assess:

  • Which lenses are most influential in your employee and external stakeholder populations
  • Which lenses are present in your markets or the public you serve
  • Which lenses are dominant in the communities where you operate
  • How to better manage the dynamic between conflicting lenses within communities where your organization operates
  • How your organization responds to the lenses held by various advocacy, political and social groups your organization interacts with

The 10 Lenses Course Methodology is Flexible and Tailored

The 10 Lenses Workshops can be adapted to work for your organization. You can select specific issues and challenges your organization would like to assess and learn about. All workshops are experiential, interactive supported by multimedia and generate high participant engagement. The workshops and events are effective for audiences ranging from the board room to the mail room. The 10 Lenses Workshops are relevant for:

  • Keynotes
  • Workforce training
  • Conferences
  • Team-building sessions
  • In-service programs for educators
  • Community forums