Strategic Advisory Services

The MultiDentity dynamic is the interaction between multiple identity groups, individuals, and networks with differing viewpoints and agendas, competing for power within society. You need a new kind of identity intelligence to succeed in a global, multichannel, multilayered, fragmented, colorful, fast-moving, impatient, tech-driven world, exciting for the opportunities and frightening for the disruption it brings. When it comes to identity, serious risks are present in all the areas of our lives: our organizations and work teams, labor pools, customer base, investors, our neighborhoods, classrooms, voting precincts, political parties, media, civic institutions, and governments at all levels. Identity risks are compounded because of today’s increased polarization, fragmentation and lack of faith in bedrock institutions.

Mark Williams and his team will provide real-time, one-on-one, group or team conversations and coaching to help you and your leaders respond strategically and sensitively to the new age of continuous identity conflict.

Few of our old approaches for managing identity relationships will address this new dynamic.
MarkusWorks can help your leaders develop the mindset and skill set that will help them assess and respond to the identity-based conflict, confusion and controversies that arise. MarkusWorks Advisory Service will support leaders as they:

  • Identify and analyze the identity-based risks and opportunities at play within their environment and between stakeholders who hold conflicting social, organizational and political agendas, worldviews, values, and lenses
  • Gain the attitudes and mindsets to be open to respond to stakeholders in a hypertensive world
  • Escape information bubbles and echo chambers that reinforce preconceived notions and derail problem-solving
  • Identify creative solutions and make better-informed decisions as they manage identity-based crises and dilemmas
  • Learn to analyze and respond cross-functionally to the identity-based challenges their organization faces