The MultiDentity Mindset Workshop for Leaders

The Age of “MultiDentity”

A new era is upon us. Chaotic and unpredictable, this new era challenges us to recognize the powerful forces that are affecting our organizations, agencies, teams and communities:

  • Economic and cultural globalization
  • Major demographic and mobility shifts
  • Unbounded technology
  • Unfiltered social media, information bubbles and parallel realities
  • Increased fragmentation and polarization in our national and international political systems
  • A lack of faith in societal institutions
  • Increasing sense of identity-based victimization and scapegoating
  • The continuous expansion of individual and cultural freedoms and the organized resistance to those expansions

As a result of these forces, today’s leaders are faced with ever-increasing numbers and types of stakeholders in their organizations and communities. The complexity of these stakeholders’ differences creates unprecedented tension, confusion and conflict. This multiplicity of stakeholders and the complexity of the differences that must be understood and managed is a defining characteristic of this new era, which we call the Age of MultiDentity.

A New Era Requires a New Leadership Mindset and Skills

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the forces that have created the Age of MultiDentity and the ways in which they are likely to affect your organization, workgroup or community
  • Learn how to identify the different worldviews and power dynamics that are influencing different identity groups among your customers, shareholders, employees and public constituents
  • Anticipate points of resistance or plans for disruption of your business strategy on the part of consumers, the public or employees based on your position on identity-based issues
  • Develop a strategic mindset that helps you focus on whatever the unifying ideals, commonalities and shared values are in any given situation and, at the same time, engage in successfully negotiating the differences that need to be resolved
  • Learn the basics of “Multi-Flexing” – the process and skills you can use to provide leadership in conflict situations and bring stakeholders with very different identity-related points of view into alignment
  • Assess your level of mastery of other competencies that contribute to the effectiveness of a MultiDentity leader, and develop an action plan for enhancing your competency in a particular area

Workshop Format

The MultiDentity workshop is highly experiential and blends online and classroom assessments of the organization’s external and internal environments, including the organization’s culture, as well as individual assessments of leadership competencies in the Age of MultiDentity. Participants receive a copy of the MultiDentity Mindset e-book and one year of access to a continuous learning portal.